Brayhan Acereto



Brayhan is a sunny, bright, dedicated young boy with aspirations to complete his high school on Isla Mujeres and continue his education in Valladolid. His father works as a sweeper in the square downtown and his mother cleans apartments. Brayhan has Cerebral Palsy so life is not easy for him or his family. He has had several surgeries and Doctors feel they are at the limit of what they can do for him to ease his condition. He has had to take time from school for treatments and surgery but has still managed to maintain a 7.6 average. His family is having a hard time paying for the uniforms he needs for school, books and supplies, registration, shoes and the daily taxi ride to and from school. He is unable to walk to the school. The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund is pleased to donate $500 to help meet these expenses. Brayhan is our first recipient but there will soon be others. Thank you to all that have generously donated to the fund

Update April 2012: Sadly, Bryan is not doing well. He has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor and treatment thus far has not been successful. It is very hard to think of this smiling, positive, sweet young man and his family going through these struggles. Some very good people on the island are doing all they can to get him the best medical attention available.

Update October 2012: Bryan has moved to his family’s village, Kantunilkin, in the Yucatan. He is studying there and not very happy to be away. His health will always be an issue and he wants to learn to do some things for himself. Laser treatments on the tumour have shrunk it and treatments are ongoing.  He goes for therapy every Friday and has made the decision to have no further surgery on his legs. The surgeries are extremely painful and he has accepted that he will have to live with the way he is. It is a very sad situation for this strong willed young man and he does his best.