Erika Patricia Bacab Leon



We are proud to welcome Erika Patricia Bacab Leon as the latest recipient of the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund. Erika has a 9.2 grade average and has been studying nursing in Merida for the past 3 years. Her mother has been working as a maid to help her daughter complete her dream. Recently Erika’s mom had a serious back surgery and will not be able to work for some time forcing Erika to drop out of her last year. We are very happy to be able to help her finish her degree. Erika is a volunteer at the center for the elderly on the island. We learned of Erika’s situation through Sue Lo another Isla resident and Gladys met with Erika, her mother and grandmother. The family is very close and Gladys was impressed with Erika, her intelligence, sweet personality and dedication to her chosen profession. Erika is our fifth recipient. Thank you to all that make this program possible.

Graduated!!! Erika has graduated with top marks and is considering further courses. We are very proud of her.

Update July 2013: Erika is continuing her studies in nursing specializing in geriatric care. She is passionate about her studies and dedicated to completing this degree. Her Mother has been working hard to help her with financial support but her poor health is taking it’s toll. The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund is now assisting Erika once again to continue her studies.

Update December 2013:  

The following were included in the semester that is closing now, child care, personal and professional development II, introduction to epidemiology, bio-statistics, investigation methology, care of the teenager, family violence and field practices in child care.
Of which the majority were not complicated, however I did have some problems with bio statistics as I have not been done well with numbers and calculations.  But with the support and aid of my classmates I was able to finish it with acceptable results
I enjoyed the field practices at the hospital the best, even though I found some nurses that were very hard on us, and the long watch hours were exhausting.

Update January 2016: 

Benefactors and people who support this noble cause, of which I , a beneficiary, want to thank wholeheartedly to everyone involved in this foundation and my mother who has been supporting me I feel lucky for the support you have given me to finish my professional studies.
Today, I have a degree in gerontology (from which I graduated in 2011) and intern Nursing (2015). At that time I asked the foundation for more economic support to finish my studies. I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the financial assistance provided. I see a foundation that aims to provide a better future for students with desire to excel. My personal goal professionally is to continue developing myself somehow to balance out the support I have received. Again I thank you for considering me and for the confidence you have placed in me. Also the encouragement to continue with my studies and achieve my goals.
Blessings to all. And their families, I send a cordial greeting.