Goretti Camaal Vega

The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund welcomes new student, Goretti Camaal Vega. She has been studying Dentistry in Merida and her family is finding it difficult to continue financial support. Her father is handicapped and unable to work. Christina Salas, the guidance counselor at the high school on Isla, brought Goretti's plight to our attention. She is an excellent student, working very hard and we are pleased that we are able to help her to continue her studies.

Update November 2015: 

Ms. Gwen.:
Dear lady is a pleasure for me to greet you hoping be in good health together with their loved ones.
The reason for this is to tell you about the activities of late have been doing because as you know I am currently enrolled in the seventh semester of the career of dentistry; where I have a little more work in clinic because they are required level of training I am studying.
Since now ask us to cover a certain number of patients per subject, however sometimes they do not come to the clinic and have to go out and find and pay for the visit or treatment of the patient; So to help with this expense and as I like my career I decided to find work at a store in the same school after my school hours, so I reduced to 20% of tuition and the money thus saved what I use to pay treatment of patients who can not afford it. And this serves to me to cover the number of patients required for each subject because otherwise I would have to study the relevant subjects.
I also tell you that I have participated in campaigns making the school giving treatment to elderly people, poor, addiction problems or adjacent to the city of Merida villages, this weekend I had to go to Hunucma us. In these cases, the school only gives us transport and we will gladly put labor and materials.
As you may realize, you generously scholarship sends me is a big help to achieve finish this race that I like, even if you pay for treatment of my patients who can not afford it.
Without further for the moment I appreciate the attention you pay to serve the present, goodbye to you its attentive and safe servant.

Update June 2016: Goretti is working hard on her Dentistry degree and will be finished in Aug. She has been working as an intern at the University clinic. She misses her family and will be grateful to get back to Isla Mujeres to be closer to her parents so she can help them.

Update October 2016: ·    At RBSF we proudly congratulate Goretti Camaal Vega on her graduation in the faculty of Dentistry. Goretti is studying English and when finished her course in a couple of months, she is eager to begin her career. Great work, Goretti!