Jorge Elohin Mex Meneses



Jorge Elohin Mex Meneses studying Engineering in Cancun. While halfway through his program he was forced to drop out due to unfortunate family circumstances. We are very happy that the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund is able to step in and help.

Update June 2015: Jorge has been studying civil engineering. He is a very dedicated student who says he feels privileged to be able to continue his education especially after the death of his father brought not only sadness but hardship to his family. He works very hard at his studies and also works as an academic adviser. He feels he has progressed not just academically but personally, learning responsibility and the ability to make life decisions.

Update October 2015:  

Currently I am in the seventh semester of the career of civil engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the Autonomous University of Yucatán. If all goes well I would lack only three semesters to finish my college career. Right now I am counting on an increase of 75% and I keep good grades and my overall average of 91 points. Right now I am counting on an advance of 75% and I keep good grades and my overall average of 91 points .I am very satisfied with my education because I'm getting as theoretical knowledge are very good and are complemented by laboratory tests that help to better understand the concepts. I also make field trips to understand problems that arise in professional life as an engineer.
Concerned about the floods that frequently affect my lovely Isla Mujeres I am developing the theoretical basis of a water project that could solve this problem. In the short term this work will be part of a thesis proposal for the title of civil engineer and also to develop in the area of hydraulic. I also would like to do a master's degree in the area of hydraulic or structures but elsewhere in the country or the world.
Last summer I offered free academic counseling in mathematics and physics to middle and high school students in Isla Mujeres. This as a way of thanking the support the foundation Ron Brown is giving me and at the same time to contribute to the academic development of the population. This will provide social work again in the winter as a social work.
I think I'm making a decent effort to use resources provided my family and the foundation to become a professional. So I'll finish my assignments as soon as possible to come to my home town and enjoy the holidays with my loved ones.

Update June 2016: We received the following letter from Jorge and decided to post it as it was received. Please forgive any grammatical errors in his translation:

Today,I am ending the eighth semester of the curriculum of the degree in civil engineering. I am already in the final stretch in which the demand is growing stronger because of continue this pace would be completing my studies in July next year. To already be in the last days of this period, the burden of final papers, exams and projects is very heavy, in a week I had to support three exams and submit 3 projects. One of these studies was to generate memory calculation system water supply for a community called Yucatan Temax, whichlacks this element. As an engineering student, these actions are the ones Imet, because in a given case, could benefit a large number of people.

As part of the requirements applying Faculty me, this cover a minimum of 480 hours in a social service. So these months, I worked on a project named "Support for teaching and research in the Hydraulic Engineering and Meteorology", in which I supported many students to acquire new knowledge by conducting experiments in the area of ydraulics. Similarly, I was part of awareness campaigns water conservation and promotion of the culture of it. Similarly I participated in the collection and measurement of meteorological variables in the weather station FIUADY this to generate data on the weather.

On June 2 of Prester year starts my summer course in which I will take two subjects and so the next semester have a light workload, to prevent lack of time because I will do my internship. Right now I have aconcern about the option to choose my degree, either complete a thesis or aprofessional knowledge test, another aspect to improve my level of English, and will soon need to pass the TOEFL exam.

Update January 2017: We received the following Activity Report for the period August-December 2016 from Jorge. Please forgive any grammatical errors in his translation:

In August of this year (2016) began the 9th semester of the career that I am studying (civil engineering), which is the penultimate of the entire degree. I only studied 4 materials, which were: Selected construction topics, Construction costs, professional linking module and structural design. The reason for which were 4 subjects is because in this period I started with the thesis work that will serve as an option for my degree next year. I also did a professional residence of 300 hours, and I dedicated to participate in the realization of research projects on groundwater in the city of Merida, Yucatan. My next and last school term will begin in January 2017 and will end in May, during which time I will take the last subjects of my curriculum. Also according to what I have planned, in the month of August of 2017 I will defend my thesis work so that I can receive the title of civil engineer. After obtaining this, I have in mind to work for a year to gain work experience and thus in 2018 to enter postgraduate in environmental engineering or hydraulic engineering.

Update April 10, 2017: We received the following letter from Jorge.  Please forgive any grammatical errors in his translation:

Date of completion of this report: 03/03/17
Today I am studying my last semester of the race, I am satisfied with my performance but at the same time I have the desire to continue in the short term with the completion of postgraduate studies, with the possibility of doing it abroad.
Since last year, I began the realization of my research work that will serve as an option to be creditor to my title of engineer. This work of thesis is focused on the area of underground hydrology and in the development of the same I have acquired many theoretical and practical knowledge. I aim to finish this work in July of this year, as the graduation ceremony will be in August.
I am grateful for the support given me by my family and also the foundation, I am very excited that soon I will fulfill the first of my professional goals.

Update October 16th, 2017: We are proud to announce Jorge Elojin Mex Meneses has graduated the Faculty of Engineering as a Civil Engineer. Jorge has always worked very hard and achieved remarkable standing in his class. He has been very focused on his future and plans to work, saving to continue his education and getting his Masters. Jorge takes time to care for his community and help other students.
He is an amazingly dedicated young man and we will follow his career with anticipation great success in his endeavors. 
The following is a letter we recently received:

Very good afternoon, first of all I want to thank you and the Foundation for helping me in these years of dedication and effort, I have finally concluded this stage in my life and without a doubt I am sure it will be a first step towards achieving my goals. In this attachment attached photograph of a recognition that was granted to me for my remarkable scholastic achievement, I undoubtedly obtained this thanks to my full time dedication to my studies and do not neglect to be working, if this was so it is because the foundation helped me economically to meet my economic needs. This is not a farewell since I will soon be sending the photograph of my university degree, in the last month I was writing my thesis work, but this task I have stopped because for my bad luck my computer is decomposed. I bid you farewell and I send you a cordial greeting and again many thanks to Mrs Gladys and especially to the Ron Brown Foundation.