Jose Jafat Barbudo Noh



RBSF is pleased to add Jose Jafat Barbudo Noh to our roster of students. Please take the time to read his essay and we are sure you will be willing to help this deserving young man. We wish to thank Christy Dix, a Spanish teacher on Isla Mujeres, for her help in translating Jose’s essay. She can be reached at 

To whom it may concern,
My name is Jose Barbudo Noh, I was born on Feb 27th, 1997 in Isla Mujeres (my current location); presently I live in my grandparent’s house where the following people live: My mother, my sister, my grandfather, my grandmother, my cousin, my aunt, my uncle, my uncle’s wife, my uncles’s wife’s son and my cousin that is 3 years old (my uncle’s daughter). She is a special little girl with a disability in her eyes. I live in a small room with my mother, my sister, my aunt, my grandmother stays in the living room along with my grandfather, and my cousin has a small room for him, my uncle, his wife, the wife’s son and my little cousin lives in another room. Practically we are all in a small place where my whole family lives.
One year after being born, a big tragedy took place, my father who dedicated his life to fishing, because of his lack of studies, one day he went out with a friend to go fishing along with his cousin, my paternal grandfather, they went our to the open ocean and didn’t return because the weather had gotten bad, it was raining very hard, the wind picked up and they were going further and further away. I can only say that their rescue was attempted but they were not found, only their boat ended up in Florida.
Because of what happened to my father, my mother worked really hard to support my sister and me. Time was very scarce and my mother’s family pitched in to help take care of us, not so much my father’s side of the family. My grandparents took car of my sister and my aunt and her ex husband took care of me. My mother was always exhausted. I went to day care, then primary school, then middle school. My childhood was difficult and I felt that I was lacking a father figure even though my grandfather was always with me. My mother did not pick up the pieces to move forward. I always saw my classmates happy with their parents and that’s the reason why I was very clam. My classmates bullied me and I allowed it to happen. This went on through middle school. My friends talk to me now and have apologized for their behavior. I have always been and am very dedicated to my studies.  My mother didn’t have time to go over my homework but for the most part I was responsible for everything and I got good grades in high school.
I liked sports, but in high school I didn’t eat well, the economic situation of my family got more complicated
When my cousin was born in July of 2014, she had deformed eyes that she couldn’t close and it became a big economic responsibility for all her medication and doctors. It was a huge blow for me and my family.
Then during the same summer vacation, I began to feel really sick, I went to Merida to get proper treatment because in Isla, the doctors saidI just had a cold. I was hospitalized for 22 days and finally I was diagnosed with lymphatic caner – similar to Leukemia (non Hodgkin). It’s a controllableand we need to wait 5 years to see if I am healthy and that the medicine worked. I have to take medicine for the rest of my life.
Since I missed a lot of school due to the chemotherapy and I was very tired and had no energy, my mother, my aunt and my sister went to the high school to see what could be done. There were some teachers who wanted me to return and others who were very against my return since I had missed so much school. Since I didn’t have very much support, they asked for the release from school which meant I would not continue my studies. I felt really bad knowing that I wouldn’t continue, that ignorance triumphed.
After I recovered a little, I decided to continue my studies the only way I could, through an on line program because I didn’t want to seem like I was lazy and without dedication.
I continued going to Merida for treatments, monthly, then every 15 days, etc. Someone in Merida mentioned to my aunt about a foundation that helps people who suffer from cancer to have a better quality of life. I received all sorts of treatments, nutritionists, psychological therapies, etc and I bean to feel better. I was able to go back to playing sports.
I wanted to study in Merida, but for economic reasons, I wasn’t able to. I currently study in the city of Cancun at the Centro Universitario de Cancun, working on a nutrition degree. I finish the program is 3 years and 4 months. I did not want to study online because I didn’t feel that I was learning the information properly.
I am very motivated to continue studying, I have the help from the school and some of my friends. The costs are still highand it’s difficult to gather to money for the monthly fees of $2145 pesos and every 4 months for the enrollment fees of $2145. I would really like to receive your support to continue my studies since my family is having other issues as well, like my grandfather needs a surgery that will cost alsmot $200,000 pesos and my mother has the same inherited problem from her father, so we are trying to figure out the way to solve our situation. I would like to help but because of my situation, I can not do physical work or run or carry heavy loads. I want to be someone in life and to be able to help people with nutritional deficiencies and I would like to improve my English to have more opportunities as well as get involved in Philanthropy to help those in need. I humbly request your assistance so I can realize my dreams.