Leysi Paola Madrano Nejera

The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund is pleased to welcome a new student Leysi Paola Madrano Nejera. Leysi is 18 years old and lives with her family on Isla Mujeres. She was brought to our attention by the high school counselor for being an excellent student and a hard working, ambitious young woman. Leysi is attending the University Oriente in Cancun studying languages; German, French, Italian and English and plans to work in the tourism industry. Her goal is to also offer classes to kids on the island. Her father works as a park warden on an island close to Isla Mujeres which is a fish and wildlife reserve. He is away for 10 days at a time returning for a few days to be with family before leaving again. They are a very close knit family and eager to see Leysi succeed.