Maria Jose Cruz Tun



Maria is a very ambitious young woman recently graduated with a 10 point average from high school on Isla Mujeres. She is outgoing, speaks very good English and wishes to became a petroleum engineer. She was one of 300 students that applied to the program at a university near Veracruz. 50 students were accepted and she was #3, an amazing accomplishment for this 17 year old. She is pictured with her mother and comes from a loving and supportive family.

Update October 2014: Maria is working hard at her studies in Petroleum Engineering. She continues to achieve high grades, a score of 100 on a recent exam.

Update January 2016: 

I started to study petroleum engineering since August 2014. This has been the best experience in my life. I left home, my family, friends, my pet! Whose I miss a lot, but they are my biggest inspiration to continue, even when I feel so stressed, tired and sometimes sad because I’m so far from they. But then I remember that I have a goal to accomplish. It’s hard to learn to cook your own food, to do your own laudry, and a lot of things that my mom used to do. PozaRica (where I nowdays live) is so differente from Isla Mujeres; the weather, the people, everything! But I’m slowly getting used. I love my career, and this couldn’t be possible without the help from the Ron Brown Schoolarship Fund. That’s why I feel so lucky! meet wonderful people who believe in me. That’s one of my biggest motivation. I have have amazing experiences here in Veracruz. I love to hear conferences, read books, have practical field, I have visited Tuxpan, Huasca de Ocampo, Villahermosa (where I recently attended the Congreso Internacional Universitario de Petróleo y Energía 2015) and next week (6 – 7 November) I’ll go to Perote for another geology practical field. So I feel lucky, excited and happy! With the University and what it offers. I really love to study, because study is the only way to go ahead with life. I leave here some photos about what I’ve been doing. Thank you so much with this, I’am the happiest future petroleum engineer!

Update January 2017: 

I enjoy everyday studying Petroleum Engineering!

I attended a course called "Pozo Escuela" where I attended many technical visits, both in Poza Rica and Veracruz Puerto, and even attended the "Mexican Congress of Petroleum" in Monterrey, where I met Mr. José Antonio Gonzales Anaya (General Director of PEMEX) which was possible with your help.

At this time, I have confirmed that this race is the one I love. Every day I learn something new and interesting, from the exploration of hydrocarbons to the drilling and control of oil wells. Next semester I will study the artificial systems of hydrocarbon production, I am so excited!

I thank again this foundation for giving me the opportunity to study what I love, despite being away from Isla Mujeres, and being a motivation to finish my studies.

April, 2017

November, 2017


Update October 2018: 

Maria continues to excel at her studies and is at the top of class.