Maria Jose Cruz Tun



Maria is a very ambitious young woman recently graduated with a 10 point average from high school on Isla Mujeres. She is outgoing, speaks very good English and wishes to became a petroleum engineer. She was one of 300 students that applied to the program at a university near Veracruz. 50 students were accepted and she was #3, an amazing accomplishment for this 17 year old. She is pictured with her mother and comes from a loving and supportive family.

Update March 2019: 

Good Day Ms. Gwen,

Hoping you are great, I'm writting you because February 8th was my Thesis defense, achieving the honorable mention. My mom has a copy of my Thesis for you, and in the acknowledgments I thanked the Ron Brown Scholarship for being a fundamental help in my Bachelor. During this month I've been doing all the process (documents, signs, photographs) in the University to obtain my professional title and cedula. Also, I would like to inform you that my Thesis was selected to participate in the Gulf Coast North America Student Paper Contest 2019, organized by the Society of Petroleums Engineers (SPE) International, next April 6th at the University of Houston, Texas. My trip will be sponsored by SPE Mexico Section, for representing my University and also my country. I'm living my dream becoming a Petroleum Engineer, and this was only possible with your help, I feel very grateful with all of you. Also I want to apologize because I didn't install the messages (Messenger) of my newest facebook profile on my cellphone, that's why I didn't read Ms. Gladys's messages, I know all of this was my fault and I'm deeply sorry.

Update October 2018: 

Maria continues to excel at her studies and is at the top of class.

November, 2017


Update October 2014: Maria is working hard at her studies in Petroleum Engineering. She continues to achieve high grades, a score of 100 on a recent exam.

Update January 2016: 

I started to study petroleum engineering since August 2014. This has been the best experience in my life. I left home, my family, friends, my pet! Whose I miss a lot, but they are my biggest inspiration to continue, even when I feel so stressed, tired and sometimes sad because I’m so far from they. But then I remember that I have a goal to accomplish. It’s hard to learn to cook your own food, to do your own laudry, and a lot of things that my mom used to do. PozaRica (where I nowdays live) is so differente from Isla Mujeres; the weather, the people, everything! But I’m slowly getting used. I love my career, and this couldn’t be possible without the help from the Ron Brown Schoolarship Fund. That’s why I feel so lucky! meet wonderful people who believe in me. That’s one of my biggest motivation. I have have amazing experiences here in Veracruz. I love to hear conferences, read books, have practical field, I have visited Tuxpan, Huasca de Ocampo, Villahermosa (where I recently attended the Congreso Internacional Universitario de Petróleo y Energía 2015) and next week (6 – 7 November) I’ll go to Perote for another geology practical field. So I feel lucky, excited and happy! With the University and what it offers. I really love to study, because study is the only way to go ahead with life. I leave here some photos about what I’ve been doing. Thank you so much with this, I’am the happiest future petroleum engineer!

Update January 2017: 

I enjoy everyday studying Petroleum Engineering!

I attended a course called "Pozo Escuela" where I attended many technical visits, both in Poza Rica and Veracruz Puerto, and even attended the "Mexican Congress of Petroleum" in Monterrey, where I met Mr. José Antonio Gonzales Anaya (General Director of PEMEX) which was possible with your help.

At this time, I have confirmed that this race is the one I love. Every day I learn something new and interesting, from the exploration of hydrocarbons to the drilling and control of oil wells. Next semester I will study the artificial systems of hydrocarbon production, I am so excited!

I thank again this foundation for giving me the opportunity to study what I love, despite being away from Isla Mujeres, and being a motivation to finish my studies.

April, 2017