Maria Jose Torres Paredes



Maria Jose Torres Paredes studying Graphic Design at university in Cancun. Maria was halfway through her program when she forced to drop out due to unfortunate family circumstances. We are very happy that the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund is able to step in and help her reach her goals.

Update October 2015:  

I first of all want to thank you for helping me to buy my computer and for supporting me in our studies. The computer helped me a lot and I'm very grateful to have people like you, I would like to meet you to thank you personally with Mrs. Gladis . I’ll thank her very much for being with us and supporting us to let us know to watch for us.
I have a big family, two sisters, both are in high school and one is already close to go to college, one called Valeria and the other Karla . I'm in 7th semester of college in Graphic Design , I love my career, I'm very happy to have studied what I wanted and already be almost finishing it . My parents are my role to see that everything they do for us because I think having 3 daughters is not easy , yet they have given us everything they can .
My college is in Cancun and cross daily is not easy , but I want to fulfill my dream and I would like to study a master's degree in design . And just to think that I’m almost finishedit excited me .
Now I’m having a large project part of my thesis. I'm also doing my social service school, it’s a really cool experience to work and see what awaits me in the future. My career is design and we are charge to design strategies for the logo or the concept of a business to run and be able to give acceptance to people.
I say goodbye and although not personally know you hope to meet you some day. Thank you very much for supporting me at this stage that both expected.