Nadia Camaal Escalante


Nadia is currently studying at university in Valladolid, Yucatan. Her grade point average is 9.1 and she is studying to become a criminologist. Nadia’s family are very proud of her and her accomplishments but they are unable to pay her tuition, books and transportation. Her father is a respected carpenter on Isla Mujeres and the family is able to help by paying for her lodging and food. Thank you all for allowing Nadia to continue her education.

Update August 2011: 

Hello my name is Nadia Escalante Caamal am a student a degree in criminology and criminal.
I am currently pursuing my third semester and took 5 subjects, physics, chemistry, criminal psychology, medicine and law. The stuff I like most is chemistry, but I also really like medicine, physics is very complicated but not impossible that's why I spend more time.
Actually I am very happy with my degree is what always wanted and now I'm excited to do more and more practical now, from streets to measure, collect fingerprints to open bodies, I like to participate in events related to my studies as well as assist conferences are held.
I feel more suited to school and now my grades have improved a lot, I am very happy for everything you've leaned and what they will learn,
Likewise I thank the trust they have placed in me and support they have given me, even without knowing they were willing to help me meet my goal and with your support and Mrs. Gladis both care about me is to make it.
Please know that I am very happy and grateful to God for having placed in my path and I know that we disappoint them and always put my best to make them feel proud and especially to show that the trust they have placed in my is highly valued.
Needless to say I send a cordial greeting dismissal from Valladolid Yucatan. God bless you!

Update November 2011:  

Hello, my name is Nadia Stefany Escalanta Caamal, I’m 19 years old and I’m studying Criminology and Criminalistics in the city of Valladolid in Yucatán. I like reading, traveling and studying cultures or places.
My family is a small one; my father’s name is Reynaldo, my mother is Elsy and I have a little sister called Ilia. Our relations are very good and very trustful: I know I can count on them every time I need them. Since I was little I was taught to be responsible, confident and above all to know there are no impossible things. We may live humbly but we live very happy because we have each other and we fight as one for the things we want.
My parents couldn’t afford my career because with my father being a carpenter we can’t always count on him always having work to do, my mother is dedicated to the house and sells catalogue products; but even with it, the money that comes in isn’t enough because my tuition is high and since the university is in another city, the expenses become higher because I have to pay for food, transport and things like that.
I wanted to keep studying because I wish to be a prepared woman both for society and because I believe that the best way to be successful is through study. I chose Criminology because, apart from being very interesting, it is of great help to society since it seeks to prevent the crimes from happening instead of using repression with absurd means that    for most of the times, do more harm than help.
Having my studies sponsored has been one of the best things that have ever happened to me, thanks to this I have been able to continue studying and I because I have been given the opportunity to show that as me, there are many people that can help society, just like you are now helping us.
During the time that I have been away from home, I’ve learned many things, from personal and emotional to professional. I had to learn to be away from my family, administer my time and money and mostly to improve myself, set new goals and pursue my dreams.
I want to thank each and every one of the people who collaborate so that day by day my dream comes true; without your help, many of us wouldn’t be studying… Thank you for believing and trusting us and as for me, I assure you that I won’t let you down and I’ll give the best I have to repay what you are doing for me.
My compromise with society will always be to contribute with whatever I have to help people change their mentality. I plan to specialize in crime prevention more than finding ways to punish; I want people to search within themselves what is wrong with our society and to suppress the conducts that only bring conflict and harm.
I wish to also help the victims of those crimes; to instill the values and ethics (that are almost forgotten) in children and young people; to show that we can still trust one another. I want to work with people who are in prison too. I wish to help them to readapt first and foremost their principles, values and morals so then we can help them readapt into society (if and when it is possible, of course). My goal is to help them understand that one way or another they can change and that the fact that they are in prison does not make them be worse than other people, that we all deserve the opportunity to atone for our mistakes, mend our paths and help with what we can -even if it is as small as a grain of salt-. We can become that great change that we so need, as society and in our personal lives.
I want to thank again the confidence you have put in me and to give the best of me and to apply my profession in the best and most helpful ways possible -not only to you but to the society I live in- so together we can make that so longed for change in society. I remain ever in your debt and I’m at your orders for whatever you need me for.
Thank you and thank you for all the efforts you made to help me with my studies. 
Best regards, 

Update October 2012: Nadia is doing very well. She is a dedicated student and is the only one that has ever received a perfect grade. She is looking into career options for when she is finished next August.



Update December 2013: We are very proud to announce that Nadia has a position in the Mexican Navy as a criminologist. She also continues to pursue her studies with the goal of obtaining a master degree.

Update August 2016: Graduate Nadia Escalante Caamal, recently sent an email letting us know that although she has not been able to find a position in her field of Criminology, she is working as a Chemistry and Biology teacher in the junior high school on the island. She also volunteers teaching children with language and learning disabilities.  Nadia expressed much gratitude for the help of RBSF and wants all to know she feels happy and successful in her work. We are proud of her.