Mirna Guadalupe Montalvo Dzib

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Hello, my name is Mirna Guadalupe Montalvo Dzib. I was born in Isla Mujeres Quintana Roo. I am currently 19 years old and I am a student at the Universidad del Caribe in Cancún Quintana Roo, in the Environmental Engineering career.
I am a lover of nature, especially the ocean. I am a basketball player, I came to represent the State of Quintana Roo in national competitions and to put on high in the name of Isla Mujeres. I am a responsible girl, disciplined, humble, persevering and unstoppable, that when you have a goal in mind does not rest until you see it achieved. I am the only one in my family who has managed to reach this level of schooling and I will not rest until I see myself with a degree in my hand.
My father's name is José Raúl Montalvo Robertos, he has been a fisherman for 25 years now, he is currently the captain of a boat that tours the reefs of our island. My mother, Lidia Esther Leónides Dzib Kú, is currently a housewife and takes care of an 18 month old baby, since 5 years ago she lost her job for claiming her rights. And just over a year ago it was operated due to some cysts that I had in utero.
I have a brother, his name is Miguel Ángel, he is 24 years old. Miguel did not have the opportunity to finish his studies, he had to abandon them since he was 16, so he did not have the opportunity to study high school and later the university. He currently has a wife and son and sadly had to take responsibility at an early age.
On the contrary, I would not want that to happen to me, I do not want that by necessity I had to stop studying. I do not want to start a family at this point in my life. I want to study, have something safe and then if God gives me the opportunity to start a family.
I have lived in Isla Mujeres all my life, despite not having a home of my own, my parents have fought so that I did not need anything, taking the bread out of my mouth so that I had to eat. Without a doubt, they are my greatest motivation to make an effort to study.
On average I spend $ 300 pesos a day to go to school, we are talking about $ 6,000 pesos per month. Despite being in a public school, my expenses are so high due to transportation, both land and sea. My father is a fisherman as I mentioned before, and the bad part about that is that not all the time the sea provides us with food. And because of that, we do not always manage to have capital so I can go to school.
My first semester in college was not so good, the university is one more step that a student must climb to achieve success. It is a total change, you leave your comfort zone and you are exposed to a shock of emotions. At the beginning they were nerves to the limit and in the end a big disappointment since for the first time throughout my entire student career I reprobated a subject. I felt impotence and great disappointment of myself, I felt that I had failed my parents, because they gave everything for me and why I could continue studying. And despite that, confront my reality, I could not let myself win, now I'm repeating that subject and I'm doing great. Although I can not doubt it, with the passage of time there are difficulties, but trust me, I will finish this and someday I will be able to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to finish my university career.
My biggest goal is to help my island. Since all my life I've lived in it, I've lived from the ocean and everything it gives us. Since we all know our main source of income is tourism and fishing, and we can improve them with the help of ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING.

I hope I can count on your help. Greetings in advance.

Update October 2018: