Make a Difference Fundraiser

Thanks to all who attended, the Make a Difference fund raiser  for the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund held on Isla Mujeres, March 13, was a huge success. With gratitude to Curtis and Ashley Blogin, owners of Villa la Bella, more than 100 guests gathered on a beautiful evening making it the perfect venue for the event. Seven of RBSF students were able to attend and meet the guests. They included Rosely Gonzalez Gomez, a graduate now working as a Veterinarian; Margarita Matu Cupul, also a graduate who has her own business in graphic design; Maranatha Barbudo, graduate in Psychology; Goretti Gammal Vega, graduate in Dentistry; Nadia Escalante, graduated and a teacher, Leysi Madrano Nejera, studying Linguistics: Rene Romano Silva, also studying Linguistics: Jose Barbudo Noh, studying Nutrition. It was heartwarming for guests to have an opportunity to meet these young people and celebrate their success. Everyone enjoyed the talented Jeff Current and his music. Richard Lock did a great job as MC. Thank you to the many volunteers that made the evening such a success including Kyla Nickurak for all social media and graphics work and Harriet Lowe for all her input, help and editing.

Over $10,000.00 was raised. Stay tuned for news of Make A Difference 2019.

New Student

RBSF is pleased to add Jose Jafat Barbudo Noh to our roster of students. Please take the time to read his essay and we are sure you will be willing to help this deserving young man. We wish to thank Christy Dix, a Spanish teacher on Isla Mujeres, for her help in translating Jose’s essay. She can be reached at

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