New Student

RBSF is pleased to add Jose Jafat Barbudo Noh to our roster of students. Please take the time to read his essay and we are sure you will be willing to help this deserving young man. We wish to thank Christy Dix, a Spanish teacher on Isla Mujeres, for her help in translating Jose’s essay. She can be reached at

For more info and photos please visit "Recipients".

Season of Giving

In this upcoming season of giving, please remember the hard working students of Isla Mujeres by contributing to The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund. As always, 100% of your donation goes directly to funding the education of our students and allows us to help more kids. And you can turn your end-of-year charitable contribution into tax deduction for 2016. Thank you for your support.

Thank You!

Our anonymous donor has again, very generously added a large donation to the scholarship fund. We are so very grateful for his continuing support.

Thank you Abby & Neil Fox for you yearly donation and belief in the work of RBSF.

A donation from Harriet Low, on behalf of the PEACE organization, has come in. Thank you, Harriet.

Thank You!

Huge thank you to two recent amazing supporters; our anonymous donor has again donated as has Geoff Wilcox. We can't thank you both enough for continuing to back the fund so generously.

Ron's Mom is also a big supporter of the scholarship fund in her son's name. Thank you Gerry Dawson for your donation.

December 2011- November 2015 (NEWS)

Nov 2015- Our gratitude to our loyal contributors. Harriet Lowe, Glenn Barefoot, Vicki Dakini and Sue Lo have all made recent generous donations. Thank you all. We are very grateful to first time donor, Julie Moylan, for her great generosity as well.

July 2015- Thank you John Raimundo for your recent donation. John has many fond memories of Ron, as so many do and it is always a pleasure to hear from him. He is a big supporter of island youth, fund raising for the special needs children and generously giving to the RBSF.

Thank you to all who participated in the 6th annual Reeling for Ronnie charity fishing tournament. Read more about the tournament and anglers in the NEWSsection of this web site.

May 2015- Once again we thank Ron's Mom, Gerry Dawson, and his sister, Donna Savage, for their recent donations. The support of Ron's family is very meaningful. Thank you.

We appreciate another donation fromNeil and Abby Fox. Neil and Abby are long time residents of Isla Mujeres and they recognize how important the fund is to the kids on the island.

PEACE, a charitable organization on Isla Mujeres, is also a big believer in the work of RBSF. We thank you for donating the proceeds of fund raising events on the island to the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund.

Jan 2015- Many thanks to great friends of RBSF for recent contributions; Anne and Al Sharkey, Harriet and Richard Lowe and Monica and Mark MacPherson. Thank you for your continuing support. Also thank you so much to Gerry Dawson, Ron's Mom, always special to hear from her.

July 2014- Glenn and Abram Barefoot have generously donated to RBSF. Thank you so much. Thank you too, for introducing us to our new student Maria Jose Cruz Tun.

Donna Savage, Ron's sister, remembers Ron's birthday each year with a donation to RBSF. Thank you so much, Donna for continued support.

Our anonymous donor in Calgary, has once again sent a very generous donation. We are very grateful for his continuing dedication to helping the kids on Isla Mujeres.

Thank you to Richard Lock and all the anglers that participated in the 5th Annual Reeling for Ronnie Fishing Tournament for the $15,000 raised at the event this June including the donation from Lock Search Group. Please see details in the News section.

We also need to thank 2 people that do not donate money to the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund but instead kindly donate many hours of time and help in working to get the funds out to the students monthly and getting receipts sent in. Thank you to Gladys Galdamez and Wendy Quijano of Isla Mujeres. Without their help we would not be able to function.

March 2014-  Many thanks to Gerry Dawson, Ron's Mom, for her continued support of our students.

Thank yous to Monica and Mark MacPherson and to Susan Eaton-Davies and Bryn Davies for their donations. Both couples recently learned of the fund and have generously contributed.

Deep gratitude for the ongoing support with donations by Abby and Neil Fox, Peter and Franca Belluschi and Friends of the Children of Isla Mujeres.

Thank you too, for a large donation contributed by dear friends on Isla Mujeres.

The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund will be given a portion of the registration fee for each of the attendees to the 2014 We Move Forward conference held recently on Isla Mujeres. Thank you so much Janeen Halliwell and all the great women at the conference.

Dec 2013-  On behalf of the students I want to express our gratitude for your donation.

Thank you Sue Lo.

Nov 2013- A huge thank you to Super Donor in Calgary who wishes to remain anonymous. Your consistent and very generous donations are a very important contribution to the fund.

Deep appreciation to Harriet and Richard Lowe and also to Barbara Beck and Jimmie Picuri. Your continued support means so much to the kids on Isla and to The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund. Thank you so much.

Aug 2013-  Anne and Al Sharkey continue to support the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund. Thank you for your donation.

Gary Hinton has also generously donated once again. Thank you, Gary.

John Raimondo works very hard raising funds for the Little Yellow School on Isla Mujeres and his donation toThe Ron Brown Scholarship Fund is very appreciated as well.

June 2013- Gerald Hafichuk, Fran Fawcett, Luba Haminka, Marsha Sookhoo, Anthony Milonac, and Steve Fawcett all sponsored anglers in the fishing tournament. Thank you all for your donations.

April 2013-  Thank you Vicki Dakini of Isla Mujeres for your donation. Your understanding of the importance of the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund to the young people there and your help in growing the fund is much appreciated.

Thank you Donna and Sam Savage of Coquitlam, B.C. Donna is Ron’s sister and we are grateful for the support.

Thank you to Gerry Dawson, Ron’s Mom, for her continued support and donation.

The PEACE Organization on Isla Mujeres once again recognized the work the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund is doing, by donating funds raised at the Mardi Gras benefit held on the island. Thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work.

Daniel Intraligi recently learned of the Fund while on vacation on Isla Mujeres and has sent a generous donation. Thank you so much.

Anonymous Donor from Calgary is a third time donor. We are very grateful for the very generous gift and for the continued belief and encouragement.

March 2013- Friends of the children of Isla Mujeres, thank you again for your generous support.

Feb 2013- Abbie and Neil Fox, your continued support is always welcome.

Sue Lo, thank you for your yearly contribution

Dilshad Chagani, a dear friend of the RBSF

Lorna & Rob Johnson, Lorna is Ron’s sister and it is wonderful to have the family support

Harriet and Richard Lowe have once again shown their belief and support of the fund with their donation. Thank you so much Harriet and Richard.

Our sincere appreciation to Don Schwartz and Jeneal Jensen also for their continued support of the fund with their very generous donation.

Oct 2012-  Thank you to Ron’s Mom, Gerry Dawson, for her kind donation. Gerry is very grateful to all for the scholarship fund and the positive way it is helping to keep Ron’s memory alive.

The ‘We Move Forward’ Conference held on Isla Mujeres, Mexico, has shown their support of the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund by their donation. Thank you to the chair of the conference, Janeen Halliwell. Please go to for more information about this exciting and worthwhile conference.

Peter Zukow, one of the directors of The Ron Brown Scholarship fund, has shown his strong belief in the work of the fund with an over the top personal donation. Thank you so much, Peter.

And a huge thank you to the organizers and all the participants of the 3rd annual Reeling For Ronnie fishing tournament for raising a record $11,000, an amazing response! You guys are all fantastic and the students are in awe.  Special thank you to Dave McCorkill of Lock Search Group. Also thank you, Piero, of Pitt Meadow Travel, who was unable to join the tournament this year but gave so generously to the fund.

Gladys Galdamez is our associate on Isla Mujeres and her help as liason with the students is invaluable. Thank you for all you do, Gladys.

Thank you to Barbara Beck and Jimmy Picuri for their continued support with another generous donation.

Aug 2012- The North Island Lodge, part of the West Coast Fishing Club, on Langara Island, the host for the 3rd Annual Reeling For Ronnie fishing tournament has donated $2400 to kick off the fund raising. The tournament is our strongest event and the funds raised each year makeup a large part of our scholarship fund budget. See more about this event in the NEWS section on the web site and stay tuned for the results!

June 2012-  Thank you very much for the contribution made by Anna Roig of Mexico City in translating this web site from English to Spanish. Her many hours of time and effort are greatly appreciated and we are proud to be able to have our web site now bilingual.

June 2012 - The PEACE organization of Isla Mujeres has recognized the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund for the second year in a row! We are grateful to be the recipients of a portion of the proceeds raised from the Mardi Gras Fund Raiser held each year on the island. It is very rewarding to have the scholarship fund supported by the hard working volunteers of the PEACE organization in this way. Thank you all!

June 2012 - Thank you, Jeneal and Don of Isla Mujeres & Oregon, for your generous donation. Rosely needs help purchasing books and your donation was very timely.

April 2012 - Thank you to Barbara Beck and Jimmy Picuri, for continuing to remember good times with Ron and for your donation. Thank you for the continuing generous support from an anonymous Calgary donor.

March 2012 - Mary and Jack Iverson, your understanding and support of what we are trying to accomplish is inspirational.

Jan 2012- All the guys that attended the Mayakoba Masters Gold Tournament. I hear a good time was had by all and I know Ron was with you in spirit.

Jan 2012 - We wish you all a very Healthy and Happy 2012. The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund finished off the end of 2011 with 6 generous donations in the month of December. We wish to thank and acknowledge Anne and Al Sharkey,  Abbie and Neil Fox, Harriet and Richard Lowe, Sue Lo and Len Sacks, Friends of the Children of Isla Mujeres and another generous gift from an anonymous donor. We are planning for the coming year and part of these funds will allow Marantha to complement her studies by adding a language course.

Dec 2011 - We wish to acknowledge 3 generous recent donors wishing to remain anonymous. Thank you so much for your timely donations going in part to purchase a new computer and camera, necessary for student’s courses.