Paola Del Rocío Cruz Tun



We proudly welcome Paola to the RBSF family. As you can see from her marks she works very hard and is following her sister, Maria Jose Cruz Tun, in pursuing a professional career.  

July 2019: 

My name is Paola Del Rocío Cruz Tun. I’m 19 years old and I was born in Campeche City, since I was a baby I grew up living in Isla Mujeres until I move to Merida Yucatan because I'm studying the Law Degree at the Autonoma Universidad de Yucatán.

My family it's little, but they mean so much to me. My father works in a preschool doing the cleaning, my mom works in an elementary school as a teacher, I also have one sister and one brother, my sister recently graduated as a Petroleum Engineer, achieving the honorable mention, and my little brother is studying the high school in Cancun. My family are the most important pillars of my professional formation, because they support and motivate me in everything they can.

My goal is to finish my degree with an excellent average and present a good Thesis for obtain my professional title. I also want to support the people of Isla Mujeres or maybe the people in a small town of Yucatan who can't access to legal advice, for lack of economic resources or simple ignorance of their rights.

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