How It Started: 

We have been asked many times about the origin of the “Reeling for Ronnie” fishing trip and how it came about... 

After Ron Brown passed away, a few of his closest friends wanted to do something to preserve his memory and for it to be something that Ron would have been proud to be associated with. Ron was an avid fisherman and loved Isla Mujeres so what better way to celebrate his life than create a fishing trip and raise money for the youth of the island at the same time. 

So in 2009 the Reeling for Ronnie Fishing Trip/Derby was created. The R for R started small, with only a few participants, but now takes over the entire North Island Lodge in Haida Gwaii. During the trip there are auctions, a derby and several other fund raising events that raise thousands of dollars every year. Our participants are generous to a fault, and realize that the money they donate not only make a difference in the lives of the students we sponsor but also help transform a country.  

News from the Tournaments

Reeling for Ronnie 7th Edition

Our 7th Annual Reeling for Ronnie fishing trip at the West Coast Fishing Club in Haida Gwaii is now over… and what a trip it was!

As usual we took over the entire North Island Lodge on Langara Island with 24 dedicated fishermen from all parts of Canada and the United States. After a night of revelry at the Boathouse Restaurant in Richmond where we picked our “Calcutta Teams” we boarded our flight to the lodge and it was game on!

The fishing didn’t disappoint with Gord Hilchey landing a beautiful 38 pound Tyee… well done Gord. After our first day on the water Frank Berke, our in-house auctioneer took to the stage and auctioned off the Calcutta teams which raised over $10,000 (the winning team wins half and the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund is awarded the other half). As usual Dave Matuschewski donated an incredible scotch and wine package which was auctioned off the second evening and raised substantial money for the RBSF. For 7 years now Dave has gone above and beyond with his generosity.

Great camaraderie and epic fishing, but most importantly the Reeling for Ronnie trip raised over $8,000.00 for the Ron Brown Scholarship fund. Thanks to everyone that participated and special Kudos to the West Coast Fishing Club. We are looking forward to an even bigger year in 2017!

7th Annual Reeling for Ronnie Fishing Tournament: June 24th- 27th

The tournament is coming up fast and anglers are looking forward to this great event, sold out every year. Not only is the fishing from the West Coast Fishing Club some of the best in the world but the fun and camaraderie is legendary. Once again Dave Matuschewski has very generously donated very special wine and Scotch baskets for the auction. Dave is a huge supporter of the fund, raising thousands of dollars over the years. Mark Hodge of the West Coast Fishing Club has donated an engraved Reeling for Ronnie Islander Fishing Reel. Thank you, Mark, for all you and Lodge staff do to make the tournament such a success each year. Stay tuned for results of the tournament and photos

6th Annual Reeling for Ronnie fishing tournament

"The best ever" ………….was how Peter Zukow, and many others described the 6th Annual Reeling for Ronnie fishing tournament. I've heard a few of the fishing stories and a lot of great memories were made by all.  The event was hosted by the North Island Lodge, The West Coast Fishing Club in the astounding Haida Gwaii. Please follow this link to see their news letter and more photos.   The fishing was great and the anglers very big hearted as always, in support of the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund.  We especially want to mention Eldon Unger for his amazing generosity at the auction and Dave Matuschewski, thank you again for your support in providing the extraordinary wine packages and wines served. It takes a strong team to organize this event each year and we need to give thanks to Richard Lock, Peter Zukow and many others at Lock Search Group for their time and skills in putting it all together. Glen Blackwell works year round keeping the fund accounts and his help is invaluable. Thank you to Frank Berke for his auctioneering talent and assistance in the fundraising. The Reeling for Ronnie tournament is themajorsource of funds for RBSF each year and we thank you all for your participation and caring support.


6th Annual Reeling for Ronnie Fishing tournament

The annual fund raising Reeling for Ronnie Fishing Tournament is almost upon us. This year the tournament dates are June 26-29 and anglers are fishing from North Island Lodge, the West Coast Fishing Club in the spectacular Haida Gwaii. The event is again sold out, a testament to the fun and camaraderie of this exciting event. We wish the fishermen the best of luck and will look forward to hearing all the fish stories afterward. Stay tuned…..

A very special thanks to West Coast Fishing Club for their endless support.