Rene Alexis Romero Silva


Rene graduated with very high marks and has always had an interest in world affairs. He has been accepted to study languages in a 4 year program at the university in Valladolid.

Update October 2015: 

I’m studying languages and I have activitys that are so differents because now I do homework on English, French and Maya. I really love these languages.
All days I go to school and spend eight hours learning about different subjects from 7:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. (from Monday to Friday).
In the evenings I going to run with some friends and after studying vocabulary of English or French because we need to learn more differents words about these languages.
To the dinner I eat cereal or sandwich and after I watched some movie on TV and at 10:30 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. I going to sleep for the next day.
Some days I only listen to music for relaxing me or watched movies. Also I going to cinema.
At Friday I study French with friends on evenings.
At the weekends I read books, clean my flat and wash my clothes and rarely I go out with some friends at downtown to walk.
On the university I have seven subjects in this course; English, French, Maya, Linguistics, desarrollo del adolescente, Phonetics and Statistics.
I spend two hours for class and I learn about each of these, me and the others pupils practise with different lessons like speak among us, too writing letters on Maya, English and French. Also we watch movies in these languages because in this way, learn more words and how to speak more naturally the language.
My professors are from Quintana Roo Mexico. The are graduated on undergraduate of languages and Education on the University UVY, the same university where I’m studying.
On my classroom we are only fifteen pupils that are studying languages but we are like a family because all come from differents towns of Mexico.
The undergraduate of languages have two activities very important on the year, the first is the Tertulia that it’s like a christmas festival to the kids that living in Valladolid and is on December. And the second it’s the festival in the university where Languages have an specific topic and then we dance with this topic and celebrate the festival with all the teachers, pupils and workers on the univerity.
This are all my activities now that I am student.

Update June 2016: Rene is just finishing his 2nd year of a 4 year program in Languages at the University of Valladolid. He is very happy with his studies and tells us that his time away at university has taught him not just scholastically but also to be independent and he feels he has matured.

Update January 2017: 

This semester was the 5th course and I passed it very well, my grades improved since my grade was higher in all subjects and in all my exams. We did a lot of activities, one of the most important was a traditional games fair that was enjoyed with all the bachelor's degree in languages. In December we went to a rural community of scarce resources and we had a Christmas festival where we gave them food, Christmas gifts that were donated by all the students of the language course, as well as the food and likewise we brought them a Clown show Another activity was the celebration of the anniversary of the university where we participate in sports, cultural and educational events for all students of the university. Now that I pass the 6th semester I only have a year and a half to finish the race and to graduate, this year is where I will invest more time, money and patience because we have to organize all the events since we will be the group in charge of everything What languages you have to do, one of our first events will be the freshman for the university and we have to invest there a money that is group. I hope that next year I go much better in school because I like the degree I'm studying and I certainly love everything I learn there.