Ron Brown

"To know him was to love him..." as the old song goes. Ron Brown was one of those people that you meet and immediately feel comfortable with. He had an infectious love of life, was caring, demonstrative and did not hold back.

Born and raised in Vancouver to Gerry (née Pagani) and John Brown. He has 2 loving older sisters, Lorna and Donna who enjoy telling stories of their spoiled little brother, Ronnie. He was the apple of his Mother’s eye throughout his life. After completing his degree in Bio Chemistry at UBC, he worked in Medical equipment sales before moving to Calgary in 1983 to begin a jewelry sales road show with his best friend Frank. His enthusiasm for the traveling waned after he met his soon to be wife, Gwen. They settled into a happy life together in Calgary with Gwen’s 2 sons Jay and Tim who grew to love him like a father.

Ron later joined the executive recruitment firm, Lock Search Group and enjoyed a challenging career for the next 9 years while making many good friends along the way - including Richard & Karen Lock.  Ron & Gwen loved their life in Calgary and spent much of their time with many friends and family as well as devoting some time to charities in the city but always had a wanderlust and felt a need to explore and adventure, first by traveling to many beautiful and interesting parts of the world and finally by moving to Isla Mujeres, Mexico where they spent the last 12 years of Ron’s life. Ron felt it important to learn the language and integrate into the community of this beautiful island, and his respect and caring for its people left a definite impact. Ron tried a few business ventures before settling into real estate sales on the island and he soon gained a reputation as the guy to work with because of his honesty and integrity.

Ron had many interests in life and when he chose to learn something new, he jumped in wholeheartedly.  Ron had a passion for cooking.  He developed wonderful relationships with the Caracciolo family through his weekly shopping visits in Bridgeland.  He perfected a risotto recipe that became a prize winner in a Banff competition.  Ron even shared his cooking talents with one of his favorite Mexican restaurants on Isla Mujeres, helping them to modify their menu.  At age 45 he took up tennis and became a formidable and tireless player. At age 50 he wanted to learn to play a musical instrument and with the help of his musician friend, Jeff, he learned to play the mandolin - not just to strum away at it but to actually be good enough to jam with other musicians.  Ron attended "band camp" in Sorrento every summer with Jeff.  He loved being immersed in music for 8 days and was planning his next trip before the current one ended.  Ron also made a yearly pilgrimage to Calgary to golf with his Canadian buddies.  This weekend always resulted in major hangovers, and very sketchy details.

Ron's laugh and smile were constant.  He was quick to smile, make a joke or give you a hug.  He was fluent in Spanish, a renowned cook, a great friend, knowledgeable with a wide range of interests and the best husband, Dad and Grandpa.  He is so completely missed by all of us who were lucky to have him in our lives.