Roseli Daniela Gonzalez Gomez



Roseli was the second student to be chosen as a recipient for a scholarship. She is very dedicated to animal health and has been working assisting the local island vet, Delfino, for over a year. She is studying veterinary science in Merida and plans to work on Isla Mujeres upon completing her degree . Roseli had a very difficult childhood and an abusive father who is no longer a part of the family. She has been able to overcome any obstacles this situation created for her and is a bright, dedicated and ambitious student we know will do well. Roseli will volunteer at the vet clinic when she is back on the island between terms.

Update November 2011:

Update October 2012: Roseli struggles with her grades but continues to be very motivated and works very hard. She works with the island Vet, Delfino, throughout her vacation. He thinks very highly of her abilities and all she is learning.

Update June 2015: Roseli is working on her thesis researching a parasite found in animals which can be transmitted to humans, Trypanosmiasis. This parasite has been found in the Yucatan state but has not been diagnosed in the state Quintana Roo. Roseli chose this subject because she knows part of the mandate of RBSF is that students give back to the community and she feels this is a way she can contribute. This semester she has been studying animal nutrition and it's importance in preventing diseases that can be transferred to humans through foods of animal origin.

Update June 2016: Rossely is working as a medical intern at the Veterinary Clinic on Isla Mujeres. It has been a year since she graduated and she loves her work. When not at the clinic she is doing research for her thesis. She is studying the Chagas disease, a disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Her long term goal is a post graduate degree in pharmacology or dermatology. We are very proud of Rossely and she is extremely grateful for the Ron Brown Schlarship Fund. The following is an excerpt from a recent letter.

'Although the world is changing and the fact that we live a daily war where there are bad people , there is also positive and optimistic people like you who do not give up on the search for overcoming the hardships of others and they have a great heart ¨ teaches us that happiness , goals and dreams are not achieved by color, race or social class, but by the spirit with which we face life which encouraged mydreams of becoming a future a good person and a proud veterinarian.'