Samantha Aketzally Ortega Mendoza



My name is Samantha Aketzally Ortega Mendoza. I was born in Mexico City and I am 19 years old. I've been living in Isla Mujeres for 4 years.

My dad works as a waiter at Dolphin Discovery and my mom is a Barista (works in the cafeteria) at Garrafón. I have a brother of 12 years, he is studying first grade of high school.

I’m studying the degree of pedagogy at the “Universidad del Sur” in  Cancun. I only attend on Saturday, due to the fact that I work to pay school tuition, school expenses, transportation, etc... my parents can only help me with room and board because  they have other expenses to pay. My goal is to finish the degree and with a good grade and during the process save a amount of money enough to buy a property and build a children’s stay, work there and focus on the early age from the 40 day a baby born to 6 years of age where is when they finish kindergarten. I decided study Pedagogy because when my brother was a child it wasn’t easy to find a stay that had the need according to his way of learn,teachers didn’t had the knowledge due every child is different. I really like the psychology part of kids and a pedagogue dedicated to the study of methodology and education techniques that has to apply according to the type of learning and temperament of each child. It’s not only scholar education also education to throughout life. I request the support of Ron Brown Scholarship Fund to continue my studies