Shaunny Valeria Figueroa Quijano


My goal is to finish a degree in Design and Marketing of Fashion and create my own brand, I would also like to have a sports shop in Isla Mujeres, because here we have many athletes and there is no exclusive shop for that. I would like to design extra large size clothes for some people because it is very difficult to find in our town. I would not just sell my clothes here but also in all Mexico-style "LE FASHION TRUCK".

As for my family I would like to return the time and dedication they have invested in me and appreciate all their support in helping me achieve my accomplishments. I would also help them financially to cover their costs and ensure a dignified old age.

As for me, I want to be financially independent and support any association ofpets, because that is another of my passions, monitor the animals to live in a decent environment.

Those are some of my aspirations for the future.

Update October 2015: 

So far I have learned a lot of in my career, I have attended to different kind of events that have fascinated me as the runway 'Fashion 2 Me ' made it at the Aloft hotel in the hotel zone on October 10 where designers from Veracruz presented their collections, and also I went to an event of perception that consist to bring us to a place with the blindfolded and make us discovered where we are. This would help us that our designs can be perceived in different ways and then we´ll innovate.

In the class of human drawing I learned how to draw each part of the body in a proportionate way and how paint it, also to make shadows, contrasts, etc. Now I 'm working on a figurin half human and half skull with specials pastels colors, still not finished but I know It will be nice.

In patterns and basic finishes the last month I learned how sew by hand, basic and decorative stitches, now we are learning how to use the sewing machine, even we are learning how to do all the kind of stitches in different cloths, also I customized garments correctly.

Update January 2017: 

My name is Shaunny Figueros Quijano and I have completed my 3rd semester in the study of Design and Fashion Marketing. The subjects we studied include the Analysis of the Human Form, History of the Dress II, Manufacture and Design Execution, and Administration. Our final project was to design and manufacture a dress using as inspiration focusing on the romantic history of Cuba. Also in this semester we learned how to design garments to flatter different body types and through this design to minimize certain body areas. For example if the client has wide shoulders, the focus would be on the lower part of the body using volume and stronger color. In another area of study , we learned about different fabrics and how to price a garment.

Update October 2018: 

Shaunny Figueroa is in her 7th grade studying Fashion Design and Marketing and at 21 years of age, has developed a web site selling her designs.