Yesenia Garcia Garrido



The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund is pleased to welcome Yesenia Garcia Garrido as a new recipient. Yesenia is studying to be a Human Resources Administrator, a four year program at the Technology University of Cancun. She is a very bright 19 year old with a 9.57 grade average. She lives with her parents and 2 sisters on Isla Mujeres. They are a poor family but her parents are very supportive of their daughters dreams for the future. We are very happy that we can help her knowing that she in turn, will help her family.

Update June 2015: As part of her program this semester, Yesenia has been paired up with a Mexican corp. for some hands-on business experience. She will analyze marketing tools and the companies strengths and weaknesses.

Update November 2015: 

Hi! Good Day! My name is Yesenia Garcia. I’m from Isla Mujeres. I’m 21 years old. I’m study developing engineering and business innovation in the Technological University of Cancun. In my free time…I’m player guitar and practice KingBoxing.
My life at the University has always been compliado by the costs, but thanks to this scholarship, you have given me, life has become different, more comfortable for me and my family, really i am very grateful for this opportunity that we are providing to continue with our studies, the truth, nose that would be without this
Well, for me a typical day in the University is well, arrived from the 02:30 from the afternoon to the school to practice bolleibol prob- ably, but these are just the day Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Tuesday and Thursday i have English courses, such as extracurricular activities. My normal classes begin at 05:30 PM and hence culminate until 10:00 at night
This semester is focused on the training of the companies. As a project we have to do a course of induction for a company. Still not really what we present, we are in preparations, but this must be a very complex course, including the vision, mission and philosophy of the company that we have developed or better said, created.
The education system is based on competencies, by the same token, by completing each part we need to submit a final draft. This time we present the toco ADOPTS TO YOUR COMPANY. This project was to find a company that is not very well known, and that is located in Cancun, to ask what is its Mission, Vision, Policies, Objectives, screening the EU are brochures, banners, business cards and all you have to do with the philosophy of the company. For that they then take the decision whether to use our project to apply it to your business or just take it to be guided.
Our team adopted the company that has as Dream Mexican name. This is a company dedicated to produce to the self-service shops as it is Walmart and Chedraui products playeros (hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, suntan lotion, insect repellents, etc. It should be mentioned that there are some of the products they make and others that they buy for their suppliers.